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The purpose of the Clay County Building Department is to promote the general health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Clay County, to work with developers and contractors in achieving code and ordinance compliance, and work with other Clay County Departments and other governmental agencies for a coordinated effort. We strive to achieve these goals and contribute to the overall mission of Clay County by:
  1. Administration and compliance of the codes and standards adopted from the State of North Carolina that regulate building construction.

  2. Administration and compliance of the Clay County Ordinances as they relate to building and properties located in Clay County.

  3. Provide information to the public and to assist them in understanding and the application of the adopted codes and ordinances.

  4. Insure that those individuals and companies that do business in Clay County meet the regulatory standards set forth in state statutes and local ordinances for the business and occupation in which they are operating.

  5. Assist the citizens and community in the recovery process resulting from disasters such as floods and fires.


Residential building permit applications may be submitted during the hours of 8:00am to 9:00am and 1:00pm to 2:00pm at the Building Inspections Office. Before doing so, please review the following checklist of required information so that your permit approval will not be unnecessarily delayed.

If you are within the city limits or within the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) of the Town of Hayesville, you will need a valid zoning permit from that local authority. To contact the town of Hayesville, call: (828) 389-1862.

If your project is located within a designated FEMA flood zone (AE) then you will need to apply for a Floodplain Development Permit. You will also be required to submit a FEMA Elevation Certificate

One set of plans is required for permitting. Sealed plans are not required for most one and two family homes under 4,500 SqFt, detached, single story, residential storage buildings, garages, or similar unoccupied structures, built by conventional construction methods. Residential buildings exceeding 4,500 SqFt, Residential buildings with more than two separate living areas, manufactured metal buildings, log buildings, and post and beam buildings require design by a North Carolina licensed engineer or architect.

Plans that are required must be on a minimum 11X17 standard paper drawn to scale. A floor plan (with each room labeled as to use: i.e. bedroom, storage, bathroom - the label of "Bonus Room" or "Other" is not a use), foundation plan, and wall & roof section should, at minimum, be provided. If your project is an interior remodel or addition you normally will not need sealed plans. Plans may be submitted via e-mail in a PDF format.

If you are on a well and/or septic system, approvals required by Clay County Environmental Health Dept must be obtained prior to applying and submitted along with your Building Permit application. You may call the Health Dept. at (828) 389-8326 for further information.

Any new structure or addition outside of the footprint of the existing house near an existing septic system requires Clay County Environmental Health Dept. approval.


Please read each request for information carefully so that you can provide the correct information. This will help us to process your application accurately:
  1. PROJECT ADDRESS: If you have not already done so, verify with the Clay County 911 Addressing Dept, (828) 389-9485, that the address you are using is entered correctly in our system. This will hold up the review process if it is not.
  2. CONTRACTOR: A valid N.C. State Contractor's License Number (NC Board of General Contractors) and a phone number for a designated contact person must be provided. If you own the land and the proposed home, and intend to live in the home for one year after the project is completed, you may act as your own contractor.
  3. SUB-CONTRACTOR: Provide the company name and a N.C. State License Number for the Electrician, Plumber, Mechanical (HVAC), and Fuel Piping installers.
  4. DESCRIPTION OF STRUCTURE: Provide the number of stories and number of bedrooms.
  5. DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Include a total price for the work being done. If you are a homeowner doing your own work, include the price of materials and the market value of your labor.
  6. SQUARE FOOTAGE: You must supply square footages for each individual category that applies. Note that Total Heated Area includes finished Basements. All unfinished areas are calculated separately.
  7. UTILITIES: If you are using a private well and septic system, you must provide a valid well and septic permit from the Clay County Environmental Health Dept. If you are constructing an addition to an existing structure, or adding bedrooms, you must have a site evaluation and approval from Environmental Health. If you are connecting to Clay County water or sewer, you must provide a letter of availability from the Clay County Water and Sewer Dept. (828) 389-1361. You must present this with your permit application.
  8. NC Liens Agent: As of 01 April, 2013 all new projects, both Commercial and Residential, with a cost over $30,000 must have a Liens Agent assigned to the project before a permit may be issued. To sign up for a Liens Agent go to NC Liens Agent.


To submit a commercial permit application please follow all of the above guidelines with following additional considerations:
  1. All commercial plans require design by a North Carolina licensed engineer or architect.
  2. All commercial plans must be accompanied by a completed 2012 North Carolina Building Code Checklist Appendix B. The NC Department of Insurance Webpage (Appendix B)
Once your plan is submitted and accepted it will be reviewed on a first-come-first served basis. You will be called, faxed, or e-mailed (at your choice) to be notified when your permit is approved and ready for issuance. Missing or incomplete information or plans will result in a delay.


33 Main Street
P.O. Box 118
Hayesville, NC 28904
Phone: (828) 389-0274
Fax: (828) 389-9875


Department Director:
Sam R. Beck II

Administrative Assistant:
Chris Daley


Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(office closed for lunch 12:00 to 1:00)

Permit Application Online and Inspection Requests Online:

Apply for a Permit Online
Permit Search and Inspection Request
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2012 NC Energy Efficiency Certificate (PDF)
Visual Inspection Form - 2012 Energy Code (PDF)
Air Sealing: Testing Option Form - 2012 Energy Code (PDF)
Duct Air Leakage Testing Form - 2012 Energy Code (PDF)
Subcontractor Verification Form (PDF)
General Requirements for Inspections (PDF)
Permit Fee Schedule (PDF)


Building Height Ordinance (PDF)
Solar Farm Ordinance (PDF)

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