828-389-0089 mpullium@claync.org

Finance Office

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Clay County Finance Office
33 Main Street
Hayesville, NC 28904
Phone: 828-389-0089
Fax: 828-389-9749

Finance Director, Betty Patton  
E-mail: finance@clayconc.com

Assistant Finance Officer, Amanda Cabe  
E-mail: amandacabe37@yahoo.com

Accounts Payable, Jessica Ellis

Administrative Assistant, Joyce Lindsay 



Clay County Occupancy Tax Report (PDF)

Link to the 2016 Fiscal Audit

2016 Fiscal Audit

Link to the 2015 Fiscal Audit:

2015 Fiscal Audit

Link to the 2014 Fiscal Audit: 

2014 Fiscal Audit

Link to the 2013 Fiscal Audit: 

2013 Fiscal Audit 

Link to the 2012 Fiscal Audit:  

2012 Fiscal Audit 

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