828-389-0089 mpullium@claync.org

Finance Office

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Clay County Finance Office
33 Main Street
Hayesville, NC 28904
Phone: 828-389-0089
Fax: 828-389-9749

Finance Director, Betty Patton  
E-mail: finance@clayconc.com

Assistant Finance Officer, Amanda Cabe  
E-mail: amandacabe37@yahoo.com

Accounts Payable, Jessica Ellis

Administrative Assistant, Joyce Lindsay 



Link to the 2017 Fiscal Audit

2017 Fiscal Audit

Clay County Occupancy Tax Report (PDF)

Link to the 2016 Fiscal Audit

2016 Fiscal Audit

Link to the 2015 Fiscal Audit:

2015 Fiscal Audit

Link to the 2014 Fiscal Audit: 

2014 Fiscal Audit

Link to the 2013 Fiscal Audit: 

2013 Fiscal Audit 

Link to the 2012 Fiscal Audit:  

2012 Fiscal Audit 

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